The Less Is More Challenge for 2014

earthday14 size2

I am getting things ready for The Less Is More Challenge April 22nd, 2014. I hope that this challenge will grow exponentially as the founding year – 2013 was a great success. I would love for all the green brands that I mention in my 10 steps to back this challenge even more going forward. These green brands are Bobble, TerraCycle, Ecover, Lillies Eco Clean, The film’s HOME and Trashed.

The Less Is More Challenge primarily was created to challenge the less green in society who are the majority, hence my eagerness to challenge them. Even though I say the less green in society, I don’t mean it in a derogatory way as I know that life is a very busy place and governments and schooling do not do enough in my opinion to help the situation or put much emphasis on instilling life long learning commitments for our own earthly journeys. I use my tooth-brush model to explain what I mean by this – we are not born with the knowledge to brush our teeth twice a day we are thought by our parents. We are also encouraged by the dental professions to have healthy teeth for our life time we need to look after them. Now why are we not doing the same thing for the EARTH which we need to survive a lot more than fluoride tooth paste!

All 10 steps of the challenge are easy to accomplish to instill positivity and hopefully lifelong commitments to change for the good of the planet. What I hope is that year one someone will take the challenge and complete if not all 10 suggestions then as many as they can. Then year two they might make more of an effort and with the highlight events I will be having on August 22nd and December 22nd I hope to drive home the positive message that we all can make a difference. With global consumerism at an all time high and the trash problem out of control it is up to each one of us now to try to make our own little difference.

All you got to do as part of the LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE is to do as many of the following:

  1. Pack a lunch for work.
  2. Use a reusable bottle for your water – Bobble Bottles are great for filtering as you go and are offering a discount during Earth Month.
  3. Do not purchase Clothing for one day. But if you have to try to only purchase clothing that give back and make an effort to tackle environmental issues in the production of the product. I don’t think in one day you will in counter a fashion emergency!!
  4. Swap a Chemical Based home cleaning product for an ECO alternative, two of my favorite companies are Lilly’s Eco Clean & Ecover
  5. Recycle & discover TerraCycle and the ways you can help to “Eliminate the Idea of Waste”!
  6. Buy local organic produce or pre think your shop for the week to reduce food waste.
  7. Plant a Tree and/or a plant that native bee’s LIKE.
  8. Cycle to work or take public transport.
  9. Watch the film HOME & film Trashed.
  10. Just open your mind for one day to the little things you can do to instill change in our world globally starting with yourself!

If you would like to find out more check out The Less Is More Facebook page or sign up to my Claire Lewis Blog (bottom right of this page)


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