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Yes this is true and it can be accomplished. Again my lovely Mum – Dolores, thought me this ECO saving tip, without realizing it!! When we were growing up the sight of my mother with an iron was so rare we would probably gasp at the sight, we didn’t even own an ironing board. I learned how to iron when visiting my aunty Anne’s house on a Sunday. This post also came about from a Twitter conversation with Nicola @mehubbyandkids who also writes a blog called A Lifetime of DIY. So I said to Nicola I would have to write a blog about the  itty bitty pieces of information I was tweeting.

My mother was a fanatic about washing. She would get the wet washing dried in between the showers!! We do live in Ireland I might add. My mum thought me that the key to getting perfectly creased washing was to follow a number of steps – Religiously:

  1. This method of getting your clothes perfectly folded, Origami style, will only work if you have access to a good wind blown, old fashioned clothes line
  2. Always take the clothes out of the washing machine once the washing cycle is just finished. This is the first place they will get creases and if you put on a wash and know you will not be able to do this make sure your machine has a spin delay to keep the clothes in the water until you get home and activate the spin cycle.
  3. When you take the clothes out of the washing machine and are about to put them on the washing line give them a good shake out. – Removing some more creases.
  4. This is always a toughie for me, as I still do not hang my clothes out to my mothers specifications 🙂 She would gauge the wind direction to ensure maximum blow through!! Very scientific. Peg items in areas where you will not leave peg marks, like under the arm pits.
  5. Large items, like bed sheets need to be joined at both ends and leave the button area open to catch the wind. Similar to the sail of a boat… You can see an example of this from the picture above.
  6. Trousers and need to be pegged at the waist line and leave the zipper open – again the wind will blast through the legs.
  7. Invest in a really good peg circle thingie – to put all your undies, socks and smalls on. It makes matching up socks really easy.
  8. Once dry take all your washing in and either fold maticulously or put straight on a good clothes horse to air.
  9. My mother used to put the folded clothes in the Hot Press (the place where the hot water cylinder is) for at least three to four days. The hot air and the weight of the clothes really did the job in sorting out creases. I remember our school shirts never needed an iron because they were folded just perfectly and aired.
  10. I am not saying you will be able to get away with never ever using an iron again. For the staples like shirts and dresses etc then yes an iron is necessary. But if you get the folding right you will find once you leave the clothes rest for a day or two under the weight of the clothes above they will develop creases in all the RIGHT places.

P.S this is my back yard to the house that we moved in almost 10 months ago. I am undertaking a massive project to make the yard over as sustainably as possible. If anyone has any ideas for this job please let me know…?!