photo-4This one always amuses me no end. I have a three year old daughter and she is the first person to get interrogated about new ideas for books and just general how much children understand about the earth and nature and where do things come from.

So these are the questions Eabha got asked today, she is 3 and these are her answers:

Q. Where do carrots come from?

A. From Rabbits, No Farmers but I’m not a farmer I am a girl!

Q. How do clouds move?

A. Β When the rain comes out they move up in the sky. They are blue, no pink because that’s my favourite colour.

Q. Why do apples have seeds in them?

A. Because apples grow on tree’s and the seeds don’t go in your belly because then you will be sick. And the seeds will grow in your belly.

Try this out, sometimes the answers are pretty funny.