photo (28)So I learned a heck of a lot when living on the live below the line challenge last week. Living off €1.19 for 5 days, which included food & drink is a tricky task. I really feel for people who have no choice but to do this, I cannot imagine how frustrating and debilitating this must be.

When I started I printed off the manual to the Live Below The Line Challenge, this contained quotes and recipes along with other useful information. But I wanted to share my favourite recipe with you all because it is so simple, cheap, quick & easy and also it tastes delicious!!

It is the Chapatti’s in my opinion they are like a cross between a wrap and naan bread but they taste delicious. They can also be varied when my daughter threw some chocolate into the middle of hers and fried it on the pan with a little bit of butter – delicious as she said herself with some ice cream on top.

To Make Chapatti’s it is simple there are only 2 ingredients: Flour & Water.

The ratio of flour to water is about 2:1.

Put the flour in the bowl and mix in the water until you get a firm ball. Roll out and put on a hot pan (oil not needed). Keep on the hot pan for a second to ensure it doesn’t stick then turn down and cook through on a medium heat.

Quick and easy. Most importantly ENJOY!