Live Below The Line – Final Day on 3/5/13 & Fundraising Efforts


So I am sorry I am only bringing you this post now but in Ireland we have the May bank holiday and I was off enjoying the SUN – in Ireland when we get sun then there is a mass exodus!! I can only tell you the outfits people, mostly teenagers, were wearing little or nothing. The obviously never heard of the saying “Do not shed a clout, til May is out”.

So my final day on Friday May 3rd, was great I am not going to go into the details of what I ate because it is too late for this but it contained porridge, soup and some concoction for dinner! On Saturday I drove to southern Ireland from Dublin to go spend the day with some ladies I used to work with many years ago and I did divulge and ate some amazing food and also included a desert, something I was craving all week. I am however going to try to keep up the cutting of sugar from my diet and sticking to eating a really good breakfast every morning. I was always rushing at breakfast but when on the bread line you never know where the next meal is coming from hence the importance to eat every last morsel and it will keeping you going until lunch. The ladies I lunched with were also AMAZINGLY generous and I raised a further €75 bringing my total raised this far to €191.06

All proceeds of my Live Below The Line Jar to go to Unicef Ireland and the Syrian Children caught up in that dreadful conflict that has been going on for over 2 years, and from recent reports the situation is getting worse!

MY Unicef Fundraising Page HERE will be open for a further few weeks and if you feel like donating as little as €2 please do.

Thanks to everyone for reading my Live Below The Line Blog posts I really enjoyed the week and I hope I have done some good for my efforts – at times it was tough and my thoughts are with those who have to live below the line without choice everyday!

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