Homemade Car & Home Freshener – To keep me happy in my car that smells like DOG!

photo (22)

I have two dogs that live outside to keep them healthy and not spoilt, at the moment they are rather smelly. Callie O’Malley is a big dog and really pretty one too – boarder collie/golden retriever x. She is about a month off her anual clipping and boy she smells! I had been noticing the smell in the car was getting worse and rather than put my head out the window while driving or a peg on my nose I decided something was needed to make my car smell sweet.

So I was in the garage the other day and I was just about to buy a smelly air fresh hangy thingy BUT since going on the Live Below The Line everything over €1 is an extortionate amount of money. I began to think could I make one and I thought yes I can! Not only did I not like the fact that the packaging is so excessive – cardboard and plastic, could they not choose one or the other? I also most always get a pain in my head for the first week of opening it and I can only imagine what I am inhaling!!??

I had been at my friend Kim’s wedding two weeks ago and I had a pretty gauze bag that I got with a lovely chocolate as the wedding favour. And I also keep all my candle wax when the wick burns down what ever is left I crack out and store I then make new candles once I have enough wax – very industrious but it works. I sometimes use the candle wax to start a fire….. going slightly off the point but the cupboard I store the box containing the wax smells devine so this was my idea. I would fill the pretty gauze bag with large chunks of candle wax and could even combine the smells.

I am 5 months married today actually, and I got a lovely Wedding Day scented Yankie Candle which smells of white roses and other lovely wedding scents. I combined this with a wild rose candle and a christmas scented candle and the result were magical. Especially when the weather is hot and the wax gets a little warm the fragrance comes alive!

Here are some other DIY air freshener ideas I found:






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