My Unicef Charity Page is now LIVE – you can now put your coppers in my jar!


To Live Below The Line is a really difficult challenge for me on so many levels  but to imagine having to do this on a daily basis without choice is the most difficult thing for me to comprehend  I decided to give this a go not only to raise funds for the children in Syria but also to create an awareness about the relationship we all have with food and how we take food for granted  disregard it and throw it in the trash like it means nothing to us  yet if it was taken away it would be survival of the fittest.

I was thrilled on Day 1 to put my 17cents left over into my jar and yes it has also thought me to really appreciate every cent as for some it means a whole lot more.

Thank You for supporting me with how ever much you can give as every cent counts.

To support me online visit MY Unicef Fundraising Page HERE

If you know me personally or my family and friends you can give them any donations and they can pass it onto me. Alternitavely if you would like to email me please do even if its just for the chat, I love to hear how my thoughts & actions can influence people :

Kind Regards  A very hungry Claire Lewis XX

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