Live Below The Line – Day 1


So Day 1 of Live Below The Line Challenge I have a budget of €1.19 to pay for all my meals, drinks etc for 5 whole days. It has been a great day so far, besides my 3pm slump when I nearly went through the door for some chocolate – my €1.19 budget just wouldn’t allow for any treats and I didn’t want to eat any sweet things anyway. I want to do this and really go without something I really love and that is any thing containing SUGAR!

Breakfast consisted of Porridge with half milk and half water with a dollop of jam!

I bought 1kg/1000g of Jumbo oats for 0.79c so my 50g bowl of oats this morning cost just 0.04c.

Milk cost 0.10c including milk for the tea

Dollop of Jam cost for the jar 0.99c so for the dollop it should be 0.03c

Pot of tea = One tea bag and I will be reusing it!! Cost 0.05cents

Total breakfast spending = 0.22cents

The first thing I had to do this morning was to sort out my charity as seeing as the charities on the website were all UK based I thought it easier for sending a cheque and currency convertion etc to the Irish equivalent. So my chosen charity is Unicef Ireland  with any money that I raise going to The Syrian Crisis where this harrowing account of the crisis will put an ease to my rumbling tummy –

The Syrian conflict is now older than its youngest victims. For more than 2 years now, millions of Syrian children have been suffering daily horror and misery. With more than 70,000 deaths  – almost the population of Galway city – including thousands of children. Enough. Enough.” – UNICEF Ireland’s Executive Director Peter Power

photo (16)Lunch Time consisted of two rice cakes with cream cheese (it was the end of a tub that needed to be eaten today or end up in the trash so I figured I needed to eat it)

Rice Cakes x2 = 0.13c each = 0.26cents (pretty expensive to be honest and has put a whole in my dinner budget)

Cream cheese – end of life tub = 0.12cents (I am reducing the cost of this as it was destined for the bin)

Total for lunch = 0.38cents 

total budget remaining = 0.59cents

photo (18)Dinner Time a rice dish using left over boiled rice, soya sauce, broccoli and carrot.

Value rice 50g 0.11cents

1/4 of a carrot 0.04cents

1/5 of a head of broccoli 0.18

Soya sauce – 2 tsp – 0.07cents

Salt & Pepper – 0.02cents

Total = 0.42cents

For Tea I had a pot of fresh Nettle Tea, I went out for a walk and picked a fresh batch of nettles. I needed a drink that didn’t involve milk as I love milk in tea and coffee and I know it was eating into my budget. I used to pick nettles and drink the tea when I was younger and I love the smell it brings me back to the days running in the field next to our house. I know the health benefits of nettle tea are great but when reading up today I didn’t realize how BIG the health benefits were – so I will keeping this tea on my list of top teas to drink especially because of the high Iron content. I am not a vegetarian but I don’t care very much for red meat but I am a firm believer that there are greater sources of iron out there without looking to animals. But I will eat what ever comes my way but I will not go out of my way to eat meat, if that makes sense to you all??

photo (19)

So today on Day 1 of my Live Below The Line Challenge I came in under my €1.19 budget at €1.02

If you would like to sponsor me please feel free to email me at and I will send you on the link to my Unicef Ireland fundraising page where you can make a safe and secure online payment. Or if you know me personally I can arrange to sort this out with you over the next week or so. It is a good cause and I hope you can give just a little or just even send me an email to encourage me and help me on my hungry little way!!

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