Irish People & The World unite to STOP the scandal that is the SALE of Irish FORESTS to pay back debt…..!

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There is nothing more frustrating than to see a grave injustice unfold at the hands of those who should be gardians of Ireland. The sale of Irish Forests to pay back our debt is beyond comprehension. Our debt has been caused by the bad banks and all the idiots that sat at the head of these banks Anglo Irish Bank in particular, not one of these men have gone to jail. This makes me mad, but what makes me ten million times madder is the plan to sell off Irish logging rights to the International Forestry Fund that has none other than our very own Bertie Ahern acting as Chairman.

Watch this video to see for your self what Bertie Ahern is up to HERE He has not only screwed Ireland and left us all for dead and should also be dragged to court for what he left happen in the banks when he was T/PM, now he has the brass balls to come back acting as Chairman for the IFF who want to eat up our forests to meet the IFF targets for growth which will mean more fat cheques for Bertie. As Asset Managers they want to make lots of money from the worlds natural resources this time it is wood and they want to attract investers hence this pathetic comercial. Bertie know’s Ireland is on its knees. as he teed this up when he was in power, now he is back to add insult to injury.

OK my blood pressure has eased again as I had a chance to think of the lovely day spent at Avondale House & Forest Park for The Save Irelands Forests Campaign. Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack, Paddy Casey and Christy Moore where out in force to offer their support for the cause. The decision on the sale of Irish forests is imminent and needs to be STOPPED. You can do your bit please SIGN THE PETITION HERE

Keep up to date with the next steps by liking the following Facebook Pages:

The Woodland League 

Ireland’s Natural Resources belong to the Irish

Natural Resources Protection Alliance  

Claire Lewis Co.

And sign up to receive my blog via email bottom right of my web page. Thanks to you all for the support lets get up and STOP this madness.

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