Yes, Yes it came through via a Viber message the most confirming piece of evidence I needed to help me realise that my Less Is More Challenge Is Working!

I first set this challenge to tackle the mindset of people towards consumerism, climate change and how it affects them, their own personal journey and how they could make simple changes to collectively make massive difference. Really people do care about the planet they just are tuned out as the world we live in now is all about fast paces, convenience this that and the other. It’s not their fault as companies spend massive amounts of cash on brain washing us all to spend, spend, spend….! So this is where my Less Is More Challenge kicks in….challenging peoples minds as well as their actions to change.

I will be changing names to secure the identity of the individual who is beautiful, sweet, lovely, fashionable, talented, artistic, the best at her job in Ireland (can’t tell you as those you know her will identify her straight away). This person wouldn’t have had a notion about recycling or why you would bother with it. This person wouldn’t have know about climate change or about where her trash ended up. This person loved to SHOP!! But this is the Viber message I received and I jumped for joy:

” Claire just want to let you know all this week I have made a conscious effort to recycle properly..I brought a lunch to work and didn’t buy clothes!! If I can change…..anything is possible! 

Amazing this person know’s who they are and I am very proud my hard work and little seeds are beginning to grow 🙂

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