Are you a student aged between16-20yrs? Fancy being The Less Is More BLOGALIST?

super man

Attention all budding Super Hero Journalists between the ages of 16-20….Do you love to write about events in you life or the world around you? Do you want your words to make a difference? Well this is for you….

The Less Is More Challenge is looking for keen budding BLOGALISTS blogger/journalists (just made this word up but I kind of like it) to write about events, people and places that relate to The Less Is More Challenge, Earth Day and Climate Change. This covers a huge spectrum of topics and you can write as often as you like. It also covers The Less Is More Schools Challenge so you can interview students your own age about what they think of the environment, environmental issues and what they did to mark Earth Day.

Don’t be overwhelmed you will be helped along the way and all of your work will be posted on the Claire Lewis Blog that is the home of the Less Is More Challenge giving you exposure as a real life BLOGALIST.

To apply please email Claire Lewis at and tell me why you would like the job as The Less Is More BLOGALIST.

It will be a fun project for anyone keen on experience and you can live anywhere in the world as the environment effects us all. It will also be great for your CV/Resume.

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