The Ecover Message In A bottle Campaign – It will be your bottle, your message, WIN one today!

So my head is always bursting with idea’s, how to save the world, how to save money, how to save using chemicals, how to fit everything into my busy day. Some times ideas come easy and some times they get lost in my head, sometimes they arrive at very inconvenient hours of the night.

The main purpose for my ideas and my main reason for doing what I do is I love to engage everyday people. To captivate, to invigorate people, in ways that collectively we can make a change. I like to view myself as a catalyst for change as sometimes it is not easy to see the wood from the trees and as an individual living in a world full of 7 billion it is very easy to say – to heck with little me making any kind of difference. Well I say to heck with that thought as if everyone thinks like that, yes the outcome is negative but imagine if everyone said OK I can do this then together we can make a difference?

Take my little tiny snow flake story that I use as an example – each tiny snow flake is as individual as you are, beautiful intricate designs as unique as your finger prints. Some are smaller than others and some bigger.  Collectively the snow flakes fall from the sky and can cover continents. But imagine if each tiny snow flake said “Oh No I can’t fall from the sky, I am so tiny I will not make a difference?”

When I went to London for the Ecover bloggers event and for the unveiling of their fab idea to close the loop on recycling and use plastic reclaimed from the sea as well as their very own plantastic made from raw sugar cane. You can read my post on this here. And can view all about this on the Ecover webpage here. I had the idea and shared it with the group that wouldn’t it be very effective if we could get people power to get behind a natural, environmental or political problem and each of us wrote  and posted our Message In Our Bottle’s to for example the Prime Minister in the UK the Taoiseach in Ireland or who ever we collectively wanted to target to make change happen.  Ecover and Jen Gale from My Make Do and Mend Year decided that my idea was a good one and we are now in the process of rolling it out 🙂 Jen has already started and you can read all about her recent blog post here.

JENS ECOVER BOTTLEI am waiting on my Ecover Personalised bottle with my name on it to arrive my husband will now definitely not do any chores as the cleaning product will have my name on it…LOL! But while I am waiting I have taken Jen’s bottle to show you what it looks like.

Ecover have given my readers the chance to WIN one of 5 personalised bottles – That is an Ecover product with YOUR name on it, so you can keep the cleaning all to yourself, ha ha – but you can use it to be refilled or write your letter and post it to highlight a cause. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TELL ME IN A COMMENT BELOW WHAT CAUSE YOU WOULD TARGET WITH YOUR MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE TO WHOM AND WHY?

Lauren from Ecover, Jen from My Make Do and Mend Year and myself will be picking the best causes and taking them a step further we will also be giving the winners of the best 5 causes a free personalised bottle. In time we will also create a centralised information point where the Message In A Bottle Campagne can grow into a worldwide effective system to highlight hot environmental topics.

You bring your concerns to us we get groups of people to jointly post the message in a bottle and together all our bottles and all our messages make such an impact that the person, political party, company or who/whatever sits up and listens to us all and makes a change.

The first area of change I would like to target with a message in a bottle is the mental fact that the UK, still has not brought in a plastic bag levy? In Ireland we were the first to bring in this change and it has worked a treat everyone brings their bags to the shops and if you forget you pay or go without – the crazy thing is people will actually pile all of their shopping into a trolley and they into the car boot rather than pay for a bag. This would be the first change but I have a million more to follow….

2 thoughts on “The Ecover Message In A bottle Campaign – It will be your bottle, your message, WIN one today!

  1. I would like to ask the government why they haven’t implemented the charging of carrier bags plan, which is so simple and will make people switch to reusing bags without realising, and with landfill running out at a drastic rate, isn’t it time the government helped NOW, as is isn’t going to go away. I would also like to see companies taking responsibility for packaging and reduce it to the bear minimum, how many times have we bought an item and got it home and immediately had wrapping that needs to go in the bin, which is not recyclable.

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