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LESS is most definitely MORE……..

What does this mean – let me tell you. Waste is a relatively new term and problem born from a massive surge in consumption and the production of man-made products that nature just cannot deal with. Nature does not produce waste we do! Our increasing, detrimental, over consumption, need, and want of Stuff & Things. In my opinion landfills and other ways of dealing with waste is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and cause unknown environmental problems. Does anyone really care what happens to the contents of their weekly trash? Where does it go when we throw it OUT, where is OUT?

Ask some one over 60 what they did with their waste?

They more than likely did not have much waste for a number of reasons mostly because they were not living in an era of massive consumption. They did not have corporations and companies paying megga bucks to market products and drive consumer spending even if the consumer didn’t really need the product. Services such as tailors, shoe makers, seamstress were the norm. The quality of products was greater as the material was made by hand and was made to last. They didn’t over spend in super markets as they bought daily what they needed in the local community or had home grown veg and hens maybe?

If their shoe needed a mend they did not toss them OUT they got them mended. These days we can replace a shoe cheaper than mending it. Consumers have driven this trend and in turn created a monster in Waste. We all need to scale back and try to think that Less is More. The ironic thing is we are all better off with Less.

Mentally,  Financially and Environmentally LESS is MORE.

Stay tumed for little ways to change your daily routine and embrace the LESS is MORE Movement

Join in the movement and I would love to know your thoughts #lessismore #clairelewis

3 thoughts on “LESS is MORE

  1. Fab post Claire. Very well put. Less is most definitely more. If we could all turn back the clocks and embrace a little of the Make Do and Mend mentality, it would make a HUGE difference.

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