Why we need to move away from the Hippy stereo type and all be a little Green!


I know from growing up with a green outlook on life since a child, I have heard & have been called the terms, ‘hippy’, ‘tree hugger’, ‘eco warrior’ and all the other terms with green connotations. Not that I have any thing against being called these things its quite the contrary. My main mission in life is to make caring about the environment a main stream affair, not one for the minority with the crusty tree hugger credentials as the planet needs all of the people and companies operating on it to give a toss about how we live and use the earths resources. This is the reason I set up Claire Lewis – ‘Making it Cool to care about the Environment’ and also making it quite normal or dare I say natural!

Without everyone having that tree hugger spirit even CEO’s and Wall Street exec’s then the green ones who walk among us will fail. With this failing then God knows where we will end up, but with statistics like  “Humanity is currently using 50 per cent more resources than the Earth can provide and by 2030 the combined capacity of two planets will not be sufficient to support global demand” – WWF Living Planet Report. I pray that the masses will see that being green does not mean you have to wear baggy pants, drive a VW camper and smoke plants of any kind 🙂 It just means we all need to give a sh1t about HOME.

Some nice reading from Tom Szaky – (CEO of Terracycle) Eco-preneurs Need to Look to Larger Retailers to Create Change – in the Huffington Post

You might also like to take a look at what The Observer Ethical Awards are all about. They are pretty super and have great judges and prizes.


3 thoughts on “Why we need to move away from the Hippy stereo type and all be a little Green!

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  2. Couldn’t agree more Claire! I think a lot of the time people think that to be green, they have to wera tie dyed clothes and have dreadlocks and live in a yurt (not that I have anything against tie dye, dreadlocks or yurts or anyone who likes them) but we really really need to make sustainable living ‘normal’ and ‘mainstream’ if the planet is to stand a chance. As you say, you just need to give a sh1t and think a little bit about the impact of your own choices and actions. Great post!

  3. It’s the age old dilemma – how do you include more people into a greener way of living, without irritating the others who are already being green (eg, those tree huggers you mention)? Lack of money pretty much always makes people live in greener ways, so now the green inspirers also need to win people over who have money to spend as well – perhaps by pointing out that some of the eco-gadgets are cool and trendy (eg, condensing boliers, solar thermal in hottish places, compostable paint,etc) Here’s to getting more of us to choose better products and develop greener-living habits. Good luck with your mission and nice to meet you in London yesterday. nicola http://homemadekids.wordpress.com

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