Cleaning products are a necessity for most homes around the world, except maybe bachelor pads!! When choosing cleaning products normally you would check the costs first then the packaging, maybe the smell comes into play, but do you really care about the products life up until that point when it is sitting on the supermarket shelves waiting for a new home?

I know if each product was to come to life when no-one was left in the supermarket floor then we would have some bad ass cleaning products causing havoc getting drunk and high on chemicals of all sorts maybe even pushing drugs on other products scared out of their wits waiting for a new home to go to.

I am so glad to know that all of my cleaning products have had a squeaky clean up bringing. Born into a home that has been purposely built to leave as little impact on the earth and the surrounding area as possible. A truly GREEN building made using 95% recycled or renewable sources. With natural light, European pine beams and even specially made bricks using a low energy process. Pretty remarkable and an excellent home for truly wonderful ECO products to be brought up in.

I know that when I pick up my new ECOVER products they are little green angels that have probably helped a little old lady cross the road or some good deed to that effect – but what would you expect from the offspring of ECO & VER.