50 Shades of GREEN…

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Just like the passion and mass hysteria the colour GREY has aroused the world over, I do think 50 Shades of Green has a place in all of our lives. How can a colour have an instant meaning? “Hey I am green”- if i said this you would know what I mean, right? it’s not like I am a leprechaun or a very envious person… There are 50 shades of a colour so to speak and so many little ways to make a difference!

To be green, is it a mindset? Is it something to be born with? Is it a colour? Yes, Yes and Yes. To be green is something that is symbolic to the lush green earth that we live in. It is a quality all the eco entrepreneurs, earth scientists, tree huggers, hippies and general earth lovers the world over have rooted deep in our hearts. It is a quality that stands tall and rises before us like the dawn, it drives us to keep the world from being over run and torn apart grain by grain.

To be green can also feel like a tree being strangled by ivy – to know that for every green person there are so many grey’s – the ones driven by money, power and greed. To suck the world’s resources like a leech. The ivy curling and tightening day by day can cause the feeling of helplessness, but inside every Green person is hope and love. To move forward through adversity as we know we are but a blip of time on this planet. To have green TRIUMPH we have to firs TRY before we can get our UMPH…..!

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