For Lent why not give up WASTE?


So Lent is upon us, I always give up sweets and yes this is on the list again this year, but I like to push boundaries so I thought a little more. Lent is about sacrifice giving up luxuries as a form of penitence so I thought why not go all out and go 40 days and 40 nights trying not to purchase  waste that will end up in a landfill or waste that would contaminate the earth !!

So packaging that cannot be recycled, chemicals even in the form of shampoo’s, conditioners these will now have to be organic and not waste that can harm the earth. My take away coffee will be in a re usable cup. I will cook more vegetarian dishes, this is one of my favorite ‘sacrifices’ as I am not a huge meat eater but, hubby might need a little coaxing!! I walk most places anyway so ditching the car isn’t a big deal, but getting to and from work I will need to rely on the car. I don’t use a gym I have a pair of trainers and two eager hounds to run with. I am not a huge fashionista but I will be researching the ethics of a company before I purchase an item – this will rule out impulse buying then hey! Its funny that so many luxury brands are so eco friendly in the production, dyeing of clothes, shoes and accessories. Stella McCarthy, DKNY, Fendi and not forgetting Ali Huston & Bono’s own clothing line EDUN. I should be at least looking like a million dollars out walking the dogs….my penny’s best and Zara just won’t cut the mustard for this experiment.

I want to use as much environmentally friendly products as I can anyway as this is how I want to base my business on, but I still have a few items hanging around that need to go. I use Lilly’s ECO Clean cleaning products for my kitchen and bathroom which I absolutely love and enjoy using – I did a blog piece dedicated to my review of Lilly’s products, read here. I use ECOVER toilet cleaner the smell of pine is just amazing!  Over the next 40 days and 40 nights I will really push my desire to run a very ECO friendly house and home. The dogs too have gotten an ECO make over, I had to buy new poop bags (yuck I know) and I found a great lavender smelling brand called Earth Rated, that would deter the num nuts who think just because they pick up the poop they can toss the bag over a wall! Your dog poop will smell of lavender until you get to a bin – Yay for that!

It really is amazing how comfortable we get as a society and the term ‘normal’ is something I always had problems coming to terms with. Whats ‘normal’ about having 50 pairs of shoes, jeans, shirts – 30 years ago people had one or 2 of each and they washed them until they fell apart. I always visit my local second hand shop and the quality of the clothes and items for sale just point to the fact as a society we have too much STUFF. Now I appreciate not everyone is that fortunate and that is a sad thing for any individual or family to have to deal with. I am on mission to use Lent as a starting point for the way I want to live my life, some things will be hard to get used to  hence the sacrifice and I will miss my luxuries but hey you cannot get more luxurious then Stella McCartney and Fendi – I mean come on 40 days and 40 nights in Fendi should be a doddle.

Oh and I will still have light bulbs, just in case you were planning a visit and thought to bring some bees wax candles 🙂

2 thoughts on “For Lent why not give up WASTE?

    1. Hey Thank You Kristine, your point is exactly what I am hoping happens!! I do a lot of environmentally responsible things but like everyone I could be even better and lent will give me the chance to concentrate on the things I can do better. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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