Don’t be such a Lemon – Just Drink one a day!


The truth be told I have no idea why when people use the term “don’t be a lemon” or “don’t stand about like a lemon” why these terms are used in negative connotation. The Lemon is a fruit bursting with so much goodness it should have nothing but positivity associated with it. The fresh citrus smell the bright yellow summer colour – mmmm, I am getting a lift just thinking about it.

The cleaning properties of the humble lemon are clear enough and I think most people know that if you want to clean a filthy oven you need a lemon and some baking soda. It not only cuts through the burnt dried on foods but it smells so good and you will not have respiratory problems afterwards like you would experience when using toxic chemical alternatives that cost a heck more than the price of a lemon!

But it is the HEALTH BENEFITS of Lemons that I want to highlight, I feel that not everyone is aware of how truly amazing the Lemon is. If there is one thing you add to your daily routine that is to start the day with a glass of lemon water preferably warm water but cold is ok too. This drink boosts your immune system and kick starts your metabolism. Lemon helps your skin remain clear and plump as it removes toxins from your body as you know the first sign of a clean inside is your glowing skin!

Lemons are good for digestion and is an excellent Liver tonic helping you digest your food by boosting your livers functionality increasing the production of bile. These are the yucky bits, lemon also reduced the production of phlegm (I gag when I read, write or hear that word). ย Lemon is a diuretic (which makes you pee more) like coffee but when you mix coffee and lemons it can help eliminate headaches, try it some time it works! If you have a kidney infection lots of warm water with lots of lemon will help you flush the toxins and bacteria from your urinary tract, but you have to hit the first signs of a UTI hard. Many people who get regular UTI will know what I am talking about.

Lemons we all know contain a high volume of Vitamin C so it is good for treating infections and can help with tonsillitis and sore throats. So the saying “A Lemon A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” is what I think should roll off our tongue. The smell of a lemon is what gets me all excited and don’t get me started on lemon curd jam!! Yum.

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