Giddy Up Horse to the local farmers market!


OK so there is a big horse meat problem the world over at the moment. Ireland started the unraveling of some pretty major food manufacturing problems and thank God for that! I would have been partial to a Findus crispy pancake on Wednesdays after a half day at school, and even though it was many many years ago I am guessing I was munching on a bit of horse back then. This problem did not just happen over night, with the cost of beef at €4 and horse at 0.90cents then some greedy little piggies made the decision to do some very doggy dealings indeed.

This whole problem makes me mad on two counts:

1. The fact that we let other people make and prepare our food bothers me. They can be deceiving us and this has been proved many times just this time its even more scary. Also the contents of processed food is so grey you would need to be a food scientist to understand whats actually in the food you are putting on your table and to read the labels. They manufacturer relies on the supplier and there is the problem – too many people involved in what should be from farm to fork, cut out the weak links and go back to the trusted method of food production – DIY or buy RAW.

2. Its all about the money, food manufacturers couldn’t give a fiddlers what they have to do to cut corners. The human body needs fuel to live so we are in my opinion putting too much power in the hands of people who should not have it. There are so many passionate, local, worthy, quality food suppliers out there that its about time that we hand the power back to the people. The people who make the end product and either have a hand in the production of the raw material or can stand over where their raw material actually comes from. The farmers markets, artisan producers and so many other quality suppliers that give their all to produce a real quality product.

So get on your horse people and trot to your local farmers market and get RAW with food so you can stand over what actually is in your lasagna either eaten from your oven or from your freezer. Lets start a new revolution!

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