The Claire Lewis Who What Where & When…

IMG_0635I am the curious kind and I always like knowing where people are when they write things or what they look like etc etc. Well, my name is Claire Lewis, I am a hair and freckle past 30years…..? I love animals and my two best buddies/colleagues/office security are Callie O’Malley & Jessie. I live with my husband & three year old daughter Eabha in a trendy sea side village in Co. Wicklow. I have a dream to turn my garden shed, a concrete, damp and gloomy space now, but boy when I am done with it – well lets just say there will never have to be a dog house in our house!! I want a dutch door and cute windows a little stove that I can light first thing so its cosy by the time I have a run to the sea and back. I love to jog but at the moment I can’t seem to get out, it is the only thing I find to blow any cobwebs out of my head and produce the desired sweat to make you feel you can now eat that chocolate without feeling sad! Lets face it chocolate makes you feel oh so good!!


(Meet the employee’s of the year!! Callie O’Malley is a border Collie/Retriever X, and Jessie well Jess is the kind that only God could put together….A Mongrel to the highest order)

I want to be an Irish public figure that represents and encompasses all the visuals and thoughts that you think when you think Environmentally responsible or ECO. Like when you think of baking you think of Rachel Allen or Clodagh McKenna I want to make a change, the change can be any size at all once it’s a change. I want to go back to my old school in Cork’s north side and give a talk that what you dream doesn’t have to be a dream you CAN bring it home and make it your reality.

I want to create a great brand from Claire Lewis & The ECO Network. And get Ireland up to US standards in terms of the desire to be an ECO entrepreneur. I want to meet Tom Szaky, the eco entrepreneur who founded the US giant Terracycle. I want a picture and an autograph to hang in my garden shed…! I also want to work on a project with Tom – the project will be the book I wrote called The Soother Cycle. I want to get all the soothers in the world recycled with the help of Terracycle. I also want to be a really good and effective children’s author. Writing about the world in which we live and planting lots of seeds in young minds and hopefully watching them grow into the next generation of leaders and parents.

It’s a lot of I wants from me but I want to do everything in my life that I want to do…there you go that another one! We are here for a good time not a long time, that said we also need to leave little eco footprints but in terms of your legacy footprint – well that can be a big as you can dream it to be… the very best of luck with it.  XX CL


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