Its nice to know the cleaning product you buy has been brought up and not dragged up!


Cleaning products are a necessity for most homes around the world, except maybe bachelor pads!! When choosing cleaning products normally you would check the costs first then the packaging, maybe the smell comes into play, but do you really care about the products life up until that point when it is sitting on the supermarket shelves waiting for a new home?

I know if each product was to come to life when no-one was left in the supermarket floor then we would have some bad ass cleaning products causing havoc getting drunk and high on chemicals of all sorts maybe even pushing drugs on other products scared out of their wits waiting for a new home to go to.

I am so glad to know that all of my cleaning products have had a squeaky clean up bringing. Born into a home that has been purposely built to leave as little impact on the earth and the surrounding area as possible. A truly GREEN building made using 95% recycled or renewable sources. With natural light, European pine beams and even specially made bricks using a low energy process. Pretty remarkable and an excellent home for truly wonderful ECO products to be brought up in.

I know that when I pick up my new ECOVER products they are little green angels that have probably helped a little old lady cross the road or some good deed to that effect – but what would you expect from the offspring of ECO & VER.

My Gym that costs FRESH AIR!!


I love to exercise burning off calories that will allow me to scoff something yummy like bread, cheese, dark dark chocolate, a glass of red wine, and other ‘a minute on the hips a lifetime on the hips’ sort a food. But what I don’t like is the idea of paying big bucks to use an electricity guzzling gym. I do love gyms and every time I stay in a hotel I use the gym quite regularly, but there are so many other alternatives that we can look into that could help society as well as the earth.

TGO Green HeartCan you imagine if Ireland started an initiative to set up GREEN GYMS in public lands that could generate electricity on site to power lights etc? What an amazing gym that would be and you need not worry about the weather as a tarpaulin tent like structure is all you would need to protect from the guarantee that is rain in so many shapes and sizes.

I have seen some very simple green gyms around the country like cross trainers and the likes but The Great Outdoor Gym Company has already accomplished my idea of an eco gym with their Green Heart  amazing results! It is something I will definitely have to look into and send onto my local county council as this would be amazing in every park around the world let alone my local area.

For now my gym consists of a pair of trainers, a high visibility vest (a must for Irish wet winters!) and my two eager hounds that would climb any mountain with me like we did on Sunday  in the snow! There is nothing like fresh air in your lungs as apposed to recycled air-conditioned sweaty feet, arse air that has been around the gym God knows how many times….!

Some useful links on Out Door Gyms or Green Gyms:




Liebster Award Nomination


Kristineserendipity  nominated me for a Leibster Award. What is a Liebster Award I hear you ask? Well after much searching online I finally found a really informative blog from Sophie Says that explains exactly what a Liebster Award is. It in my own words is a fun viral way for new bloggers to get to know each other. So Kristine nominated me and 5 other bloggers with less that 300 followers, Kristine answers the questions set out by the blogger that nominated her and then Kristine sets out the 11 questions below that I have to answer. There are another few steps like I now will be nominating a few chosen bloggers and letting them know I have nominated them, this will be done over the weekend so I can put more time into it.

I think above all this award is fun and arouses the OMG I have been nominated for an actual AWARD. Even if the award never materializes I still want to be a part of it because I am chuffed that Kristine thought about me and I know no more about Kristine as a consequence. Kristine I know you are getting married soon, and seeing as I just got married on New Years I have a wealth of information so if you want to contact me please do 🙂

Questions I need to answer set by Kristine Serendipity1

1.What was your favorite subject in school?

I had a few favorites and these were the subjects that came easiest to me! My no.1 was Social & Scientific aka Home Economics. My teacher Mrs McCarthy was a lady and I just loved learning about the human body, cooking, sewing and so many other practical aspects suited my creative and organised side. I also loved Geography and Biology.

2. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

I am a Gemini which allows me to say I am a bit of both. I suppose Extrovert is probably the dominant one 🙂

3. What is the biggest thing you have learned from high school?

You CANNOT put an old head on young shoulders!

4. Where do you want to be in five years time?

I try to stay in the present as much as possible. But, I would love to have a bigger family and have a successful first book launch with “The Soother Cycle”. And so much more that I don’t want to bore you with..

5. How many kids do you want (if any)? Or, how many kids do you have?

I have one little girl named Eabha who is 3 very soon!

6. How do you react in awkward situations?

Probably could do better at this one!

7.Favourite Candy?

I love milk teeth, but the old chewy kind that have a powdery coating..

8. Who are your favourite you tubers?

I don’t really follow any you tubers but I love watching Tom Szaky speak about Terracycle and other inspirational, positive people like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

9. What is your biggest fear?

I don’t really think about things like that but. It wastes energy.

10. Is it easy to get to know you?

I would thing this would be a YES. I love meeting like minded individuals and talking. People who share similar positivity uplift me.

11. You have to give up one of these for a year: phone, tv, or computer. Which one will it be?

The answer to that is the phone most definitely. I think we will have a lot of crazy, burnt out people in years to come as the phone can be responsible for interfering with relationships and God knows what else! How many couples have you seen at dinner with their noses in their phones. Instead of having a chat with the person next to you on the train, bus or wherever people whip out their phones as quick as possible for God forbid they would have to talk to some one. People have no chance to switch off and recharge, especially if they are in hight energy/responsibility jobs. I recently set a new rule regarding phones, they stay out of the bedroom! They are bad for sleep and communication there are so many apps out there a husband or wife will no longer be needed like virtual pets we will be almost self sufficient – except emotionally and society will be a lot worse because of it!  Get an alarm clock and some verbal dialog and ban the phone! Sorry for that rant….:)

The next stage of nominating other bloggers will be completed this weekend. I have to now bring my 3year old to the beach with our two dogs. She is getting anxious to use her new pink umbrella even though its not raining….

A Claire Lewis Product Review – My personal favorite Liquid Hand Wash.


I always had a thing for a bar of soap it seemed more environmentally friendly to me and I preferred the smell of soap washed hands. Even in the shower a bar is soap is always at hand and hubby likes soap over the millions of shower gels that are on the market. There are so many reasons to chose a bar of soap…well that was until I visited my local vegetarian/health-food store/cafe The very charming very lovely The Happy Pear in Greystones, where I washed my hands using a brand they sold in the store and used in their loo.

ECOVER Lavender & Aloe vera Hand wash. I was instantly transported to a sunny back yard with glass of wine in hand, sun on my face with the sound of buzzing bees and children playing. The smell of the natural essential oil of Lavender is so relaxing. A truly amazing experience so amazing that I had to purchase a bottle on the way home. I also have eczema on my knuckes of my right hand – it is my portable Litmus Test!! It gives me an instant indication to how harsh a product is ECOVER passed my eczema knuckle test with flying colours 🙂

Sustainable Fishing – feed the man for life.


I love Eco Eye a TV program on Irish TV station – RTE, it is full of very informative Eco stuff presented by Duncan Stewart.

For businesses to survive they need to be lean and to be lean they need to go Green! This was the theme of Tuesday  the 19th of February’s program.

Sustainable Fishing is such an excellent area to go green in and Wexford’s Atlantis Foods with 50 years experience in the area of fish production has done just that.

Atlantis signed up to the EPA’s Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP) and the first area they tackled was the Water usage at their factory. The savings and results were amazing so they decided to take the green philosophy into the next big area of capital expenditure and that is Fuel for their company fleet. Bio fuel is an option but Excise duty is too high in Ireland at the moment said company director John Kelly.

Export into the UK market where sustainability is a major factor for the customer is something they know will become a bigger factor than it already is, so they are getting ahead of the game! Fish traceability is important area, date and time the fish was caught. Atlantis Foods only use specific fishing trailers who all have green programmes within their fleets.

One such trawler which Atlantis fish is bought directly from is The Salties trawler.

2 million euros per year is spent on fuel which is a massive amount. They are replacing engines with newer more efficient models to drastically reduce fuel costs. Propellers are replaced and lighter nets with a bigger opening to reduce drag which in turn burns up fuel.

In 2050 we will need 2 planets to sustain us which is a terrifying thought. I get so happy when I hear of good new green stories that involve so many different industries especially one very important industry is fishing.

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day – teach a man to fish “sustainably’ and feed him for life!!

50 Shades of GREEN…

FB_Cover Photo_v1_A

Just like the passion and mass hysteria the colour GREY has aroused the world over, I do think 50 Shades of Green has a place in all of our lives. How can a colour have an instant meaning? “Hey I am green”- if i said this you would know what I mean, right? it’s not like I am a leprechaun or a very envious person… There are 50 shades of a colour so to speak and so many little ways to make a difference!

To be green, is it a mindset? Is it something to be born with? Is it a colour? Yes, Yes and Yes. To be green is something that is symbolic to the lush green earth that we live in. It is a quality all the eco entrepreneurs, earth scientists, tree huggers, hippies and general earth lovers the world over have rooted deep in our hearts. It is a quality that stands tall and rises before us like the dawn, it drives us to keep the world from being over run and torn apart grain by grain.

To be green can also feel like a tree being strangled by ivy – to know that for every green person there are so many grey’s – the ones driven by money, power and greed. To suck the world’s resources like a leech. The ivy curling and tightening day by day can cause the feeling of helplessness, but inside every Green person is hope and love. To move forward through adversity as we know we are but a blip of time on this planet. To have green TRIUMPH we have to firs TRY before we can get our UMPH…..!

For Lent why not give up WASTE?


So Lent is upon us, I always give up sweets and yes this is on the list again this year, but I like to push boundaries so I thought a little more. Lent is about sacrifice giving up luxuries as a form of penitence so I thought why not go all out and go 40 days and 40 nights trying not to purchase  waste that will end up in a landfill or waste that would contaminate the earth !!

So packaging that cannot be recycled, chemicals even in the form of shampoo’s, conditioners these will now have to be organic and not waste that can harm the earth. My take away coffee will be in a re usable cup. I will cook more vegetarian dishes, this is one of my favorite ‘sacrifices’ as I am not a huge meat eater but, hubby might need a little coaxing!! I walk most places anyway so ditching the car isn’t a big deal, but getting to and from work I will need to rely on the car. I don’t use a gym I have a pair of trainers and two eager hounds to run with. I am not a huge fashionista but I will be researching the ethics of a company before I purchase an item – this will rule out impulse buying then hey! Its funny that so many luxury brands are so eco friendly in the production, dyeing of clothes, shoes and accessories. Stella McCarthy, DKNY, Fendi and not forgetting Ali Huston & Bono’s own clothing line EDUN. I should be at least looking like a million dollars out walking the dogs….my penny’s best and Zara just won’t cut the mustard for this experiment.

I want to use as much environmentally friendly products as I can anyway as this is how I want to base my business on, but I still have a few items hanging around that need to go. I use Lilly’s ECO Clean cleaning products for my kitchen and bathroom which I absolutely love and enjoy using – I did a blog piece dedicated to my review of Lilly’s products, read here. I use ECOVER toilet cleaner the smell of pine is just amazing!  Over the next 40 days and 40 nights I will really push my desire to run a very ECO friendly house and home. The dogs too have gotten an ECO make over, I had to buy new poop bags (yuck I know) and I found a great lavender smelling brand called Earth Rated, that would deter the num nuts who think just because they pick up the poop they can toss the bag over a wall! Your dog poop will smell of lavender until you get to a bin – Yay for that!

It really is amazing how comfortable we get as a society and the term ‘normal’ is something I always had problems coming to terms with. Whats ‘normal’ about having 50 pairs of shoes, jeans, shirts – 30 years ago people had one or 2 of each and they washed them until they fell apart. I always visit my local second hand shop and the quality of the clothes and items for sale just point to the fact as a society we have too much STUFF. Now I appreciate not everyone is that fortunate and that is a sad thing for any individual or family to have to deal with. I am on mission to use Lent as a starting point for the way I want to live my life, some things will be hard to get used to  hence the sacrifice and I will miss my luxuries but hey you cannot get more luxurious then Stella McCartney and Fendi – I mean come on 40 days and 40 nights in Fendi should be a doddle.

Oh and I will still have light bulbs, just in case you were planning a visit and thought to bring some bees wax candles 🙂