Aspartame – It is in so many foods and it IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

It really annoys me when food manufacturers make foods that contain chemicals that really are BAD. The key to staying healthy is not only the obvious eating raw unrefined foods as much as possible but also EDUCATION. Having the knowledge to know whats on the food label and what chemicals are good and which are not. Please do not be fooled by the NO ADDED SUGER, it means they have replaced sugar in the normal sense of the word, the stuff we find in our cupboards, with the new CHEMICAL substitute, most likely to be ASPARTAME.

drinkingI am not going to rant on about recent findings of the side effects of aspartame but you can read about them here. It is pretty grim reading and what is even more scary is the fact that we give our children including toddlers glasses of these juices every day. Kia Ora contains aspartame along with practically every artificial sweetener and any low fat products. It will take a few years to figure out the health implications on our children as symptoms will be passed off as one thing or another. Similar to what happened over the years when Coke was branded to be a happy drink instead of making you happy it made you FAT. Now Coca Cola the worlds number 1 drinks company has recently unveiled a cunning plan to win back support from a society and sales that are dwindling.

Some useful reading relating to Coca Cola’s new add campaign & other stuff here:

The Daily Mail UK 

Rude Health

Artistic Marketing 

So get clever people and teach our kids that water is not only the cheapest drink but also the safest. It also is the best fluid source for our bodies. But with all clever marketing, large multinationals spend billions on telling us other wise. There is only one person who is always right and that is MOTHER NATURE, bet she does not drink artificial anything 🙂


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