The Sumatran Tigers Plight

Could you imagine being one of the last 400 remaining Sumatran Tigers!? No words needed really. My daughter loves tigers, I hope there will be some left in the wild when she grows up, and not just in captivity loosing their minds and wildness…. It is the whole planets responsibility to care for every single element, as every time a chink in the cycle is lost, another problem is created from the imbalance. In the end humans will suffer most. It is not only our responsibility as the “king” of the planet not least the jungle, to care for the welfare of all animals but also our journey as humans has brought us to a place of superiority in the animal kingdom. We have unimaginable intelligence and so many learnt abilities that have catapulted our species to the place we find today. Lets just hope intelligence prevails and we give a little because do we really want to live in a world with just humans, domestic/farm animals and zoo animals. I could not think of anything worse!!

For biodiversity’s sake save not only the Sumatran Tiger but all the other WWF critically endangered species.

Sumatran Tiger

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