The Year of the SNAKE – 2013

Hello all! Wishing you all a very exciting and joyous new year, even if it is mid month all ready where does the time go? I am hoping the year of the snake actually applies to Ireland or has St Patrick screwed us over this year and all the snakes will be getting their vengeance on us now…..its raining snakes…this is kinda true with all the political goings on over here in Eire!

This year I have officially become Claire Lewis, with an amazing New Years Eve wedding and so much to be thankful for. For 2013 I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to achieve and complete. Besides saving the world one soother at a time… with the publication of my first book The Soother Cycle in Spring/Summer 2013. This book is a must for parents who’s little darlings LOVE their soothers but the time has come to give them “away”. The carefully planned and worded book makes this transition easy peasy, but the hidden gem is the soothers are sent to be recycled into something new. Teaching toddlers the power of recycling from a very young age. 

I have some other book titles that I want to explore this year centering on my love of our environment and teaching kids about nature and how to respect it in fun filled way. Children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow! 

Hubby and I flew to Las Vegas on Honeymoon!! It was the most bizarre, exhilarating, frustrating and so many other things all at once. I have so much blog material from my week there, I called it the confused paradox city as it displays opposite behavior to almost everything. For example it uses enormous amounts of energy not to mention the Luxor Hotel beaming light into the sky for no other reason than to look good…but its buses are run from the power of the sun. Do not get me started on food consumption and the waste that is left behind…blog to follow dedicated to this!

But the highlight of the trip was our visit to The Grand Canyon – it blew me away. And learning about the native American tribe, The Hualapai or people of the tall pine trees,  that lived there was so inspiring. Any community that can be so self sufficient in such harsh environments is amazing. 

For 2013 I have an ambition to go to Peru and learn about Fair Trade networks and how exactly they work and benefit communities in remote towns and villages. Chris Haughton is an inspiring and talented guy/author who’s books my daughter loves especially ‘Oh No George’. I got in touch with Chris in relation to Fair Trade as he is heavily involved in producing goods in an ethical way. I must get my Lama socks out for this trip!!

Wishing and hoping the year of the snake is as I visualise it to be, because what you visualise you materialise. Best wished for 2013 XXCL

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