Where do broken Sails & Wetsuits Go?

Ever wonder where do broken sails and wetsuits go? Well not to fear I found out that they are handled with care and averted from a life in a landfill or as clutter in a shed or garage some where….

46537_475361395842631_1203429278_nOne such Irish company MAMUKKO  is a new company bursting onto the scene in Kinsale. Levente & Attila Magya, originally from Hungary had skill craftsmanship coursing through their veins. Their grandfather was one of the best known barrel makers in all the region and their other grandfather (on their fathers side) was leather worker. Their father was also a leather worker with 55 years experience designing sports gear – shoes, boxing equipment etc. It was with their fathers help and knowlege that lead the Magya brothers to realise their dream.

I do love a man or in this case men that know their way around a sewing machine!

‘From our Kinsale (Co. Cork, Ireland) based workshop we produce a contemporary and affordable range of handmade handbags & accessories. 

These original and innovative creations are made of upcycled sailcloth, PVC tarpaulin and marine fabrics. Our collection of functional and funky bags is inspired by design and the use of recycled materials to give an eco friendly solution to fashionable accessories. 

From design inception down to finishing we are true to our beliefs of recycling contemporary materials. Each bag is individually designed, handcrafted and finished in our workshop. 

These unique and new interpretations of fabrics for fashionable handbags result in a fashion accessory that is affordable, functional and eco friendly.

We also do custom made bags and bespoke boat covers as well as industrial sewing & repairs.

Upcycling has got wet and wild, and oh so cute  – at long last!