Have a happy and Eco Friendly Halloween :)

Halloween is the second largest holiday apart from Christmas you will know this even more so if you have children, fancy dress costumes, so many sweets to choose from fireworks and of course the decorations!!

When you think about it, Halloween is not a very environmentally friendly time for the vast majority but if we all just sit back as we carve our pumpkins and think what this holiday really means then maybe we could make a little difference to this lovely planet  – The Celt‘s were the founders of Halloween called Samhain or ‘summers end’.It started as a harvest festival where people stocked up on foods for the dark cold winter ahead. Animals were brought down from the hills and some were slaughtered, bonfires were lit as celebration as it was also believed that the door to the otherworld opened enough to let souls and fairies back in. These souls included the souls of families and friends and table settings were laid and feasts set out in their honor. This period also left evil spirits back into our world which led people to take steps to warn them off leading to the first ever halloween costumes!!

The traditional foods and games we play use foods that are in season which is lovely : Apples in all forms toffee and candy,  Barmbrack, Pumpkins and in Ireland traditionally the turnip was used…..can you imagine carving a turnip 🙂

When you look at what is on offer to decorate your homes and costumes it is all made from dreaded plastics, but getting the family together and planning out the holiday can be a very worthwhile experience for all involved. Woodland walks to gather some materials and taking in the beautiful scenery at this time of the year! Bring your Pumpkin to carve, and a flask of  hot chocolate what a wonderful way to start off the Halloween season after all it’s not all about scary stuff.

Visit your local second hand store for some costume materials and buy face paints to create your own characters instead of shop bought ones.

There are also tones of home made decor ideas, one of my favorites is simple carved pumpkin with a tea light surrounded by crisp autumn leaves 🙂

I found this amazing blog where you can learn how to make some really nifty DIY & eco halloween decorations. Amanda from Natural Mommie is a real pro at showing us all how we can all tweak just a little few every day items or chores to become more environmentally aware. Loving Amanda’s blog!

Wishing you all a very Happy, Spooky & Green Halloween XXXX

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