Children in the home, boy oh boy what a change, and ways to make your home a child friendly and educational place.

When I became a mum nobody ever told me how much work was to follow! Don’t get me wrong it has been the most rewarding job in the world but I am always looking out for new ways to make my life easier as a mum without adding cost or endless manufactured products that are marketed directly at us suckers who are parents who want to do the very best for our children and feel that we must give them everything! Well everything can be home made and very educational and beneficial to your little ones development helping you along in your quest as a parent to guide and nurture your child to be the best person they can be.

When child proofing your home there are a number of ways to tackle this, I know there are quite a few excellently functional products on the market to help you out. I had a kitchen with press handles that allowed me to be creative and I used some ribbon to tie a bow and hold the doors closed. This was really effective and looked pretty. I also just moved any items that if smashed could cause a hazard to the child or caused me to break down and cry because they were now in a thousand pieces….!

Children do take over your home, well it is their home now too, but it is overwhelming as a first time mother the amount of paraphernalia that comes with such a small little person. For me the simple measures where most effective.



My daughter Eabha attends an excellent creche three mornings a week and I must say I have learned so much from the way they do things and help each child to become amazingly independent from such a young age. One trick I learned from The Park Academy is to get your child involved in setting their own table setting, getting all they need for the meal. Have the bowls, plates and other bits and bobs located where the child can do everything under your instruction and guidance. Even when it comes to pouring milk into their breakfast cereal put a measure into a jug and let them do it you would be surprised as to how much they love these simple things and how it builds their confidence and hand eye co-orindation. Young children absolutely LOVE being involved and you will also be delighted with the help, they are also less likely to whinge especially when you may be tied up with other things in the kitchen.



Cleaning was also a chore that I can’t say I love but it is part and parcel with running a home and taking care of children. Eabha loved helping me clean and I put together a basket containing all of her cleaning items, cloth, sponge, dust pan and brush, and an empty spray bottle filled with water. So instead of taking over my chores she now gets busy helping me complete mine in a lot less time than previously.

I hope my tips help you and yours. Always thinking of little fun ways to help make Β life easy without costing the earth!

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