A Claire Lewis Product Review – Malones of Dublin – Environment Kind Cleaning Products that not only help the planet but also asthma suffers too!

Malones of Dublin – Environment Kind Cleaning Products that not only help the planet but also asthma suffers too!

Reviewing products that embrace the Claire Lewis philosophy of being environmentally responsible is always a treat, especially when it is one of Irelands oldest companies – 100 years and counting.  Malones of Dublin have created an excellent range of cleaning products that do just that, CLEAN!!

Malones are best know for their furniture wax polish, which I knew about because my Dad has raved about this since I was a child. Not just a nostalgic product Malones has progressively developed a range that so importantly gets rid of chemicals from cleaning products and helps the environment in return. When we spray a cleaning product the amount of particles that become airborne as a result is incredible, we all have experienced the cough inducing reaction from a harsh chemical cleaner. Imagine what a chemical that shifts limescale from your shower will do to your internal organs & airways!!? Not worth thinking about, this is why I am so eager for every one to change  from chemical based cleaners to environment kind cleaners.

Malones is the only company in Ireland that has recognition from the Asthma Society which is good news if you are one of the 470,000 asthma sufferers in Ireland. The ingredients are chemical free and non toxic, so as I mentioned previously you will not experience any harmful reactions when busy cleaning. Just good mood inducing smells and a clean house made from essiential oils  lavender – what more could you ask for, besides someone else doing the work for you!

The Malones Environment Kind range is very good value and is stocked in all the large supermarkets, but will also be available in hardware stores nationwide. So it is a product that can conveniently be purchased as part of the weekly shop, great news for busy mums! One thing that struck me when reviewing the products was how cleverly thought out they all were. Not being sexist here, but if I hadn’t  already know, I would have said they had to have been developed by not only a woman but a busy working mum!! And yes indeed Liz Waters, director of Malones and mum to a family of four had the brilliant idea in developing as Liz says herself ” a range of products that were safe to use around my children and my home, smelled gorgeous, but really worked and were affordable”. Little things like the spray and mop wooden floor cleaner works a treat, smells heavenly and is so convenient.

The products that I reviewed from the Malones Environment Kind range were:

  • Malones Natural Floor Wooden Cleaner; great for cleaning wooden floors that need a good soaping. The liquid creates a lovely soapy consistency and is great for washing down wooden surfaces and doors.
  • Malones Spray and Mop Wooden Floor Cleaner; I used this last thing at night when the dogs were put to bed a light brush of the wooden floors and quick spray and mop. Very convenient and one that I found very useful especially if you have wooden stairs in the home. The essential oils come through of lavander and smell devine.
  • Malones Tile Cleaner; this is an amazing product especially formulated for the Irish damp climate it dries in minutes! For bathrooms, kitchens, porches anywhere there are tiles and in a busy house a product that cleans effectively and dries quick is a God send!
  • Malones Antibacterial All Surface Cleaner; loved this product especially with a toddler in the house. I used this for cleaning my bathroom, kitchen, car pretty much every where and smells of uplifting orange. Good Mood Cleaner 🙂
  • Malones Window Cleaner; very good product at making mirrors and glass shine with no nasty chemicals used, great news to my ears.
  • Malones Lavender Wax Polish; as I mentioned previously my Dad loves this product he always kept a few tins at home and on his boat. So if its good enough for my Dad then its good enough for me. With no build up of residue it leaves a lovely shine, free from solvents and silicones.
  • Malones Rose Wax Polish; same great results as from the lavender but smells of Damask roses.

Malones of Dublin have got the product right now its just up to you to go and review for yourselves.

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