All natural Ginger Beer = Yummy Yummy!

Have you ever stood at the bar and thought “eh, what would I like to drink?’ I have found the answer to my question. All natural Ginger Beer = Yummy Yummy!

I had the pleasure of enjoying an iced cold Hollows & Fentimans Ginger Beer in my local, ‘Cronins Pub‘ Crosshaven, Co Cork, yesterday evening. It was no surprise to me that I would like it as I love ginger and always drink ginger tea. The Pukka three ginger tea is a favorite! But I was surprised as to how refreshing and yummy this beer actually was.

It is botanically brewed using a time-honoured recipe that was passed on as a wedding gift in 1906! Made from only five ingredients: Ginger Root, Water, Sugar, Pear Juice and Yeast.

It is gluten free, there are no preservatives, sulphites or artificial sweeteners used in the beer. It also is available in a non-alchoholic variety which is very handy! The bottle is a nice size at 500ml and it has 4% alcoholic volume.

There are also some incredible health benefits from drinking ginger beer, more particularly the non-alcoholic kind!! Most notably is the effect ginger has at settling your stomach when you feel nauseated or experience indigestion, eh….. pregnant women listen up and read more for yourself here. All I can say is I am delighted to have discovered a drink with so many benefits and I can choose alcohol or not, very important as a mum with an early wake up call as I always found non alcoholic beers heavy and bloating. So yes in my opinion Ginger Beer = Yummy Yummy!

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