Domestic cleaning products. The basics that we never stop to think about!

We have entered into a new age where we buzz around the supermarket rushing, rushing, and picking up the most recognizable products because the advert said this is marvelous. Well that advert cost thousands to make and its sole purpose is to make you buy the product – and it works!

How many of you read the back of your cleaning products? Do you care what they are made of? Do you think about where the end product, or grey water as it is more widely known, seeps to when it is finished cleaning your floors or toilets?

It is time we slowed down to think about the little changes that won’t cost us a lot but when whole neighborhoods take the initiative then it really makes a difference. Not only to the environment but also peoples health.

I am not promoting any individual brands. At Claire Lewis it is all about companies and products that believe in our philosophy and depending on the product or service meets one or more of the following; Fair trade certified, organic, chemical free etc (read more here). Β Eco friendly domestic cleaning products have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. These products are made from mostly essential oils, salt, vinegar and all the natural cleaning agents that have been used for centuries. Imagine cleaning your toilet and getting the beautiful smell of tee tree, or being uplifted by the smell of citrus while doing the chores most of us hate. Eco cleaning products should be branded as good mood cleaning products, smelling so sweet and no nasty cough inducing chemicals air borne around you.

We spend so much money on our homes. We also spend a lot of money on beauty products so why do we choose to buy chemical based domestic cleaners? The reason I make similarities between our cleaning products and beauty products is, we all know when we spray our cleaners the mist not only gets on the surfaces we aim to clean but also on our skin, up our noses and into our lungs. Enough said I guess. Your chemical based oven cleaner is excellent at stripping the burnt on food off your oven but unless you use gloves and a respiratory mask imagine what it could do to you. I don’t want to scare monger just put it out there. The choice is yours but most eco companies are recent and don’t have huge marketing budgets so the awareness isn’t as strong as the large multinationals that have the market share. Go to your local health food store and see what products they stock. A lot of eco cleaning products are available in the local supermarkets but unless we start to buy them often they will loose to the larger companies who can give discounts as they produce such vast quantities.

Come on people just give it a little thought and start smelling the essential oils! It will lift your spirits when doing the mundane chores and make the fishes smile too πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Domestic cleaning products. The basics that we never stop to think about!

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  2. Great post thanks for sharing such nice information Their are many products in market for cleaning, but they never show direct side effects for their products, because of that only, we need environmental friendly cleaning products.
    Thanks for providing this products.

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