Why I blog and what does blogging mean to me?

I have been taking a class called Blogging Your Way 2.0 by the very talented Holly Becker and our final assignment is to write a blog – ‘What blogging means to you?’ So here goes…..

I have a very clear vision as an Earth Scientist and as director of an Environmentally Responsible Education & Lifestyle company called Claire Lewis Co. I want “to make it cool to care about the world  and to have fun doing it”

For years most people viewed environmental campaigners and activist as crusty tree huggers! This was because of societies sheer ignorance and the head in the sand technique – (that happens over the other side of the world and not where I live). People thought it wasn’t cool to care about our world but this is changing slowly but surely.

The world has welcomed a new breed of eco-euntrepuners. People like the founder of Terracycle, Tom Szaky  and founder of Feelgoodz, Kyle Berner. New faces that are campaigning for a greener way to do things and society is relating to the people behind the cause. Blogs are the new age environmentalist voice, giving us time to have a shower, groom and not look so crusty!! 🙂 We need this platform as we are up against many hurdles. Time. Multinationals – with vast budgets. Corruption. International Recession. etc.etc.

Multinationals spend millions on marketing products that we may not need but feel compelled to purchase anyway. Products that may or may not leave harmful affects on the environment one way or the other through manufacturing, materials etc. Blogging gives me a link to vast amounts of people who are in the mood to read something, I just hope it is my blog and message to change something small about their lives for the good of the world. Blogging makes it easy for me to give little environmentally responsible ideas and tips that come naturally to me but someone else might not think that way.

I have so many goals and they are all centered around the Claire Lewis Co mission to make it cool to care about the world and have fun doing it! The BYW 2.0 course has given me new ideas on marketing and enhancing my business which enables me to concentrate on my goals. I also want to work with the people in my field I respect  such as Tom Szaky and my blogging will help me get closer to releasing this.  Just like the earth the blogosphere is a very small place you never know who might just take the time to read your blog!

Do you hear that Tom, you may be reading over a bowl of Malt-O-Meal (the cereal which you made box less), it is a goal of mine to work with you.

6 thoughts on “Why I blog and what does blogging mean to me?

  1. I am very agree with you. We all have to be more environmentally responsible and every little step in our everyday life can help. Three Years ago our family decided to build a new house, took we decision to build a passive house. It is house without any heating systems and no CO2 production.
    People here in Denmark are now coming to see it, how it works and they want to build a similar house. And I am so happy now that I can give our building information further to others and change something better.
    Thank You for sharing! Eeli

    1. Hey Eeli,
      Thank you for your comments and taking the decision to build a passive house it must be lovely to sleep in a house that has such a small carbon footprint. I would love to see and hear more about this house, if you ever want to do a guest blog on the subject please feel free. As you are already experiencing the more people are aware the more likely they are to act. You are an amazingly talented artist and I love your work.

  2. Great post Claire! There’s nothing like getting focussed and having a clear goal in mind. Plus I love the fact that you put one of your dreams out there into the blogoshere! I’ve no doubt you’ll get to work with Tom Szaky at some point 🙂

    1. Thanks Aine I am definitely focused and I feel even if I change one persons way of thinking I would feel proud. But being who I am one person isn’t enough when there is a whole world out there. Yes Tom better watch out I have the perfect project to work with him on! Thanks for the support and feedback.

  3. Eleanor Buckley

    Claire I have been following your blog for the past few weeks and so impressed with the content. I am ashamed to say I have been essentially lazy regarding my commitment to the environment. It is great to have a site I can get concise, informative and practical daily acts which will make a difference while also “showering grooming and not looking crusty” My first act is to buy a pair of Toms. Thank you Eleanor

    1. Glad to be of assistance Eleanor and I am glad you like my blog. Thank you for your kind words and support! I highly recommend Toms and I am sure there are a beautiful pair out there with your name on them. X

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