Homemade Play Dough – Perfect for little hands and rainy days!

Homemade Play Dough

Today I treated four kids to a homemade play dough experience, something a trip to the shops to buy the potted variety just doesn’t compare with!

The weather was awful so this was the perfect morning activity to keep busy hands occupied. I discovered homemade play dough through my daughter Eabha’s creche. She loves nothing more than a big ball of play dough to make into a million different imaginitive things.

It is simple to make, economical and environmentally friendly. Keeps well for three to four days in the fridge. For storage use a sealed bag or if you make more than one colour you can use recycled glass jam jars. Great for family bonding starting with getting the ingredients and cleaning up afterwards.

It also has many positive benefits for kids which include:

  • Fine motor skills work out, stirring, spooning, manipulating, scraping.
  • Sequence development an early maths lesson for toddlers and pre schoolers, learning how to follow steps in order.
  • Language development talking about what is happening.
  • Creativity & Imagination some very interesting statues and cakes are created.

Getting organized & ingredients needed:

  • Plain Flour (as organic as you like)
  • Water
  • Salt (needed to prevent consumption)
  • Non toxic paint (doesn’t stain little hands)
  • Mixing bowl (non toxic paint washes off and is safe)
  • Spoon
  • Kids baking toys (rolling pins, shape cutters etc)
  • TIP: I use shower curtains for art and craft activities they are cheap and can be washed in the washing machine!!


  • Use as much flour as you want play dough. (3 cups will give you a good sized ball of dough but experiment as you go)
  • Add in the salt just one or two pinches
  • A good squeeze of paint
  • Water just enough to bind the flour
  • The dough should be easy to handle, add more flour if it is too wet.

Have lots of FUN!

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