Pedal Power

As Bike Week 2012 began yesterday the 16th of June and ends on Sunday 24th, I urge you all to give give cycling a go!

It might only be a quick dash to the shops, or instead of your afternoon walk you might try a cycle. 

From a fitness and wellbeing point of view, you can’t bet cycling to work. I used to cycle to work, gosh almost three years ago now and even though the weather never helped, the fresh feeling in the mornings and the 15min commute compared to a 45min bus ride made it all worth wile. I bought my much loved bike on the cycle to work scheme. I also was at my fittest and had the ability to fill out my skinny jeans in a flattering fashion. I had to give up the cycling when I became pregnant and I really did miss it.

I now use cycling to keep my fitness and weight in check and as time is never on my side I find it is ideal for exercising my two dogs in half the time it would take to walk them. It also gives us all a far more beneficial cardio workout.

Ireland may not have the most ideal climate for a biking culture but we certainly give it a good shot. Purchase the best waterproofs you can afford, and of course your safety equipment. And with a little understanding from all road users including cyclists, we could follow our European neighbors, particularly the Dutch, in creating a more sustainable cycling culture in Ireland.

“UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said he hopes biking culture continues to grow in cities as it is not only a low-carbon transport method, but also beneficial for people’s health” – Dutch Cycling Embassy.

As the fella says guys and girls – get on yer bike!!

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